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Mudd Publishing was created in 2010 as the first published book efforts began with the writing of "The Ad Man - Ask For and Expect Immediate Great Results" and was first

 published in 2011 with three formats:


Paperback Book ISBN:  978-0-9850139-0-5 


E-Book ISBN:   978-0-9850139-1-2

Audio Book ISBN:    978-0-9850139-2-9


Currently with multiple Editions having been released of the original book, the creation of the NEXT book is in the process with a working title of:   "The Ad Man 2.0" 

with a tentative release date early 2023.


The Ad Man 2.0


Jim Mudd

Rob Mudd

& Clifton Lambreth

Coming in 2024 / 2025

The world is changing at a fast pace and whether Technologically, Socially, Politically or Just the Way Businesses Operate these days; "The Ad Man 2.0" has found a way to to clearly see the Way to Move Forward with Success and Again Expect Immediate Great Results!    

This will be a Must Read to Move Forward with Success in this 21st Century!   Look for "The Ad Man 2.0" in 2024 / 2025! 

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