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Over my 40 years in the auto business, one theme has persisted: there are no shortcuts to success.  The lessons found within The Ad Man are a true reflection of this and are a testament to the growth Mudd Advertising has helped my business achieve in the last 5 years.   

David Wilson

Mega Dealer


“The positive flow of organized information for having success is all through this book. In moving forward, going back to this reading will be a reminder of what’s needed.”

Dan Gable

Olympic Gold Medalist 1972

“I’ve had the privilege of knowing John Deery.  John did us all a favor by advising Jim to become The Ad Man.  In 1986 Jim came to work for a Ford Dealership in South Dakota where I was General Sales Manager.  Along with his help we doubled our retail sales.  In 1997 Jim and The Mudd Group came to Butte, Montana to direct advertising of a Ford dealership that I had purchased.  Once again we made great strides in increasing our retail sales.  The Mudd’s and The Mudd Group have been great business partners and true friends.  This book sums it up!”


Brooks Hanna

Automotive Dealer   

When I sat down and read The Ad Man, it put a smile on my face for two reasons.

First of all, although it is a fictionalized story, I knew it was about the amazing journey that Jim Mudd has been on for decades to create, from scratch, one of the premiere advertising agencies in the automotive field.   It’s a story not just about Jim, but about his wife, his kids, and the ups and downs and joys and challenges of creating a great family business and learning culture.  


The Ad Man is not just about business, it’s about life and how learning is truly a never-ending process.  


The second reason I smiled is that I had just finished a book co-authored with Mark Miller, the vice president of training and development for Chick-fil-A, entitled Great Leaders GROW.   It’s essentially about becoming a leader for life. GROW is an acronym for what people must do to be a great leader.   I don’t know two leaders who model what Mark and I are teaching more than Jim Mudd and Clifton Lambreth.   They both are looking constantly for ways to grow, and you will see good examples of this philosophy throughout The Ad Man.


G stands for gain knowledge.   To be a great leader, you need to continue to gain knowledge about yourself, the people around you, your industry, and leadership.


The central character in this book is continually looking for new ways to gain knowledge.


R stands for reach out to others by looking for “teachable moments.”   You will never become a great leader if you hoard what you have learned and don’t share it with others, both formally and informally, in your organization.   When Jim or Clifton learn something new, they are eager to share it with others.


O suggests that if you want to be a great leader, you need to open your world to new opportunities to learn at work as well as outside of work.  


And finally, W suggests that great leaders walk toward wisdom.   They are always open to feedback and self-evaluation as well as counsel from others who might mentor them.   I don’t know two people who open their world or walk toward wisdom more than Jim and Clifton.


I know that The Ad Man will not only be a good read, it will also help you on your journey to be a great leader. Enjoy and apply what you learn.

Ken Blanchard

Coauthor of The One Minute Manager®

I really enjoyed the AD MAN. The book reinforces the SIMPLE TRUTH! No matter how much technology changes some principles will always remain steadfast. The significant principles that differentiate your Dad and the entire Mudd group from the INDUSTRY.

  1. The realization that there is more than just ADVERTISING that makes an idea or promotion successful!


(preparation, employee awareness, internal communication, monitoring results)



Let’s have another 30 years of WINNING with MUDD! 


Sam Sweeden

the idea man’

“Many people study and know of the principles required to win in life or in business.  Jim Mudd Sr. not only knows and understands these principles; but he has lived them day in and out while applying them beautifully over the last 30 years to create an elite environment that is an absolute rarity in this world.  That environment is known as Mudd Advertising.  The Add Man gives you an entertaining glimpse into this remarkable world and a company devoted to helping people to succeed.”


Jed Smith

Strength & Conditioning Coach /

Minnesota Vikings - NFL /

Minnesota  Wild – NHL /

University Northern Iowa

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